Share Your Experience….

It is very helpful to hear the experiences of others. It guides about what to do and what not to do.  You can share your experience about fistula & its treatment. Speak out here…

  1. Before I get into my story/problem,is there anyone here?

  2. Hey Ron, not a lot of folks on the site. I have had a fistula for 7 years. I had surgery and didn’t work. I have lost hope. I really believe Dr. Bapat could help but I can’t afford to make it to India. I have had a rough year with having to file for bankruptcy I have no credit or money or insurance to help me. I just take one day at a time doing sitz baths, wild oregano oil, turmeric tea, SCD diet and exercise. Recently, I have had a rough week when the abscess really got infected and large. After 7 years, I am just tired and broke. I really wish somewhere in the US I could get some help and I would drive there. Best of Luck and stay strong.

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